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I ordered from Net Pro Patches in June. I finally did receive my order but it was the worst experience ever. Net Pro Patches has no customer service representatives available by phone and they take forever to answer their email. I should have chosen one of the US companies that offers embroidered patches, but instead I was lured by Net Pro's slightly cheaper prices. Net Pro Patches is a completely owned and operated Chinese company and the service completely reflects that. They have no concept of customer service. I went through over 7 revisions of my patch until they could finally get it right, and during each revision it took them 3 to 4 days to return a new sample to me.

They continued to make simple mistakes and when they would fix one problem another new problem would appear in the sample. I would have canceled the order a long time ago and went with another company, but they refused to provide me a refund, as they said that work had already been done on my patch. They had done so much work on my patch, because they couldn't get the sample correct.

We completely missed our deadline and it made me look terrible in front of my commanding officer, because I was put in charge of the project. This was the most frustrating experience.

In the end its my fault. I should have gone with one of the numerous US suppliers.

Do yourself a favor support America and google embroidered patches and choose a supplier that is based in the US.

Net Pro Patches sucks!!

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I had almost the same experience! Fortunatly I Did not supply any money up front. We missed our deadline for the Command.


Stay away from pro patches USA. They are even worse.


I hope you got your situation worked out. Perhaps you can provide a status.

That is not true that NetPro is 50% cheaper than US competitors. I have found that almost all of the US companies are the same price. I just recently went with a local embroiderer, and they produced my patches at the same price as

They explained to me that the patches are made in China, and then shipped to my embroiderer in the US.

The patches weren't made in the US, but the customer support I received was definitely American support. Much better than working with Netpro Patches in China.

to Jusacalifornia Los Angeles, California, United States #1237266

@Jusacalifornia which local embroiderer do you go to if you don't mind sharing


I was very surprised by this review as we order our patches through them (before I realized they were chinese) and we had zero problems, in fact we placed a second order. They were prompt and cooperative.

However, we did try to place a 3rd order with them and we are now experiencing some of the trends you described.

As for USA companies, I have NOT liked the interactions with them and their prices are nearly twice as much! I hope NetPro improves.

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